Our Water Sensory program is like a playgroup in the water. The session allows you to explore, connect and spend quality time with your baby in calm, shallow water.

During the session, you'll have access to carefully-researched and sourced sensory equipment that enhances our dedicated shallow water pool space. Everything your baby or toddler sees, hears and touches will contribute to a unique and enhanced sensory experience.

  • How old must my child be to start Water Sensory sessions?

    We recommend that you start Water Sensory sessions after your baby is eight weeks old.

  • Is pool water safe for my baby?

    All of our pools are cleaned using the Chlorine, Perlite and UV Neptune Benson filtration system. This system is proven to remove more bacteria than chlorine pools, making our water healthier for your children.

    If your baby has a skin complaint, check with your GP to make sure that the chlorine won't irritate. Apply a moisturiser or emollient all over your baby's skin 30 minutes before swimming and again afterwards, especially if your baby has dry skin or eczema. Always rinse the chlorinated water off your baby after swimming.

  • What should we wear and bring?

    All children must wear an aquatic swimming nappy at all times in the pool. Everything else is up to you! In the warmer months, your child may prefer swimming in just a nappy (which allows skin to skin contact). In the cooler months, you may prefer to put your child in an appropriate swim suit.

    Parents / carers can wear anything they feel comfortable in. However please be aware that you must go in the water with your child. You'll be submerged up to just above the knee but could get splashed all over.

    Children feel the temperature change quickly, so we recommend you bring a change of clothes for your child and a new nappy. We also suggest you bring extra towels so you have a nice dry towel available after the session.

  • Can I bring my pram or pushchair?

    Yes, space is available at the side of the pool for prams or pushchairs. Please make sure you do not obstruct doors or evacuation routes or block pool deck travel routes.

  • Do you have change tables?

    Yes, we provide change tables within cubicles. Our accessible / family change rooms also have change tables.