Active Merri-bek offers a range of small group training classes with a maximum of 10 participants per class.

These small group sessions utilise our functional training and outdoor areas, where you will get to learn new exercises and use state-of-the-art equipment under guidance from our qualified Adrenaline coaches demonstrating and coaching correct technique.

The programs available are Adrenaline HIT, Adrenaline Strength, Adrenaline X and personal training sessions.

Class descriptions

Adrenaline HIT

A high-intensity interval training program designed for everyone, these sessions will develop your speed, power, endurance and balance to improve fitness, agility and ability to complete exercises.

Adrenaline Strength

A strength training program with our qualified personal trainers to develop strength and power in lifts such as squats, deadlifts and other compound movements.

Adrenaline X

The ultimate combination of functional strength training and high intensity interval training, an explosive workout that combines functional movements and techniques.

Personal training

We also offer two-on-one personal training sessions. Bring along a friend and smash your fitness goals together.

Small group training timetable

Brunswick Baths  
Monday 5:30pm Adrenaline HIT
Tuesday 6:15am Adrenaline Strength
Wednesday 5:30pm Adrenaline HIT
Thursday 7:15am Adrenaline Strength
Friday 7:15am Adrenaline HIT
Saturday 9:30am Adrenaline X
Sunday 9:30am Adrenaline X


Coburg Leisure Centre
Tuesday 6:30pm Adrenaline HIT
Thursday 6:30pm Adrenaline X
Saturday 9:30am Adrenaline Strength

Premium memberships include access to UNLIMITED Adrenaline sessions. Casual access to all Adrenaline classes are still be available as an additional paid service for members and guests.

For more information about small group training programs please contact the Centre.